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Litigation Funding

Risk Resolutions provides access to a specialist group of commercial Litigation Funders.

Ability to fund a range of possible actions including:

  • ATE Insurance Premiums
  • Expert Witness Fees
  • Security for costs orders
  • Solicitors Fees
  • Barristers Fees
  • Assisting Insolvency Practioners

Our funding solutions eliminate the risk of litigation and unlock the possibilities for claimants and lawyers to help achieve a successful outcome to a claim the potential in which would not otherwise be realised.

Required Criteria
We look to fund cases with a good prospect of success. Quantum of the claim should be in excess of £500,000. All cases for which funding is required must be supported by ATE (after the event insurance cover). Demonstrable merits of success typically greater than 60% for any claim for which funding is required.

If you ultimately have a good case, or a good defence and you require financial assistance to bring or defend your case then we will consider offering the financial assistance and funding that you may require.

If we can assist an offer will be made to you with full terms. If you lose we lose and you will owe us nothing.

If you have a suitable case, and require funding, then please contact us.

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